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This 'How to Learn Twitter for Beginners' is going to be teaching you much on how to get start with it. For you who...

This 'How to Learn Twitter for Beginners' is going to be teaching you much on how to get start with it. For you who are still new to or still learning much about Twitter, you will benefit much from this article.

First Few Baby Steps:

1. Go to See that green button that reads "Sign up now"? Click on it to start creating your Twitter profile. * Notice that there is not much to fill up.

2. Once you are done filling up your profile information, you will be prompted to do a search for your friends on the site or not. Just enter your e-mail address and password. You could go ahead and skip this step.

3. Then, a page showing you a list of random people you might know and want to follow on Twitter will appear. These people are mostly celebrities or popular companies and etc. You mat also skip this step if you do not want to add these people.

4. You are already done. You can now add a picture of yourself and tweak your profile page.

What Else Can I do?

Now that you have your own profile, you can easily navigate through the Twitter pages. You can now look for people to follow and if you want to do that, check out the Twitter directories to look for people who have similar interests as you (examples of the sites that offer this kind of service are and ). Once you follow them, you will be able to see whatever they tweet on your home page. By the way, a "tweet" is what Twitter calls a post or an update that you send to the site. Tweets is what Twitter is about.

It's Time to Tweet!

You may write about whatever you wish, reply to other people's posts, or retweet a post that you think deserves it. To reply, simply click the retweet button on someone else's posted tweet. Retweeting is just another way of saying "repeat" on Twitter; you can repeat other people's tweets, and even your own tweets for the sake of reminding yourself and others about certain topics.

Since Twitter is a micro-blogging site, it has a character limit which means that you can not write beyond a specific number of letters, where, in this case, you only have 140 characters to spare. However, that is nothing to worry about because there are applications that can help you solve that problem such as TinyPaste and TweetShrink.

What Else Is So Cool About Twitter?

Tweet anywhere at any time! Register your cellular number so you may use it for Twitter. Simply click on the "Settings" link on the upper portion of your Twitter account page. Select the "Phone & IM" link on this page. Enter your cell number along with your area code in the "Mobile Phone Number" text box and the click on "Save". If you want to receive updates on your cell phone from Twitter, then check the box corresponding to "It's okay for Twitter to send text messages to my phone. Standard rates apply." If you are outside the US, begin your phone number with a "+" and your country code. When you're done with all of that, just wait for Twitter to send you a text message saying "That worked! What are you doing now?" Now you can receive and send updates through text messages wherever you are!

These are some of things you would need to know about Twitter so far. I leave it to you to explore all you can on Twitter. You could make use of this How to Learn Twitter for Beginners reading as a reference to help start you off with Tweeter!

Source by Martin Sejas