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Web Design industry has seen a huge impact of social networking websites such as Twitter. Of all the websites that have been successful in...

Web Design industry has seen a huge impact of social networking websites such as Twitter. Of all the websites that have been successful in the last few years, Twitter deserves a special mention. Web designers, Online marketing consultants as well as businesses in general use it to promote their website on some way or another. Due its sheer popularity and usage, Twitter has become an established channel to promote your website or business. A few years ago, marketing and promoting a website on leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo was sufficient to succeed online. However today It is thus essential for a business to promote its websites on popular social media websites.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging service. It is referred to as micro-blogging as a post is limited to 140 characters in length. Messages are thus concise and to the point. This is what makes Twitter different to other blogs and forums.

Twitter has seen significant rise in its use and popularity in recent years. A web design agency, marketing firm, start up business as well as established businesses can benefit from it. It provides an important medium to reach out to millions of potential customers with little effort.

Benefits of Twitter:

Twitter has many benefits, some of which are discussed below:

A powerful Research Tool:

As so many people use it, it has become an important repository for information on a range of topics. There are many specialist groups on Twitter targeting a wide range of niches. It can be used in conjunction with information obtained from other sources such as search engines.

Brand Positioning

Twitter can prove effective to position your brand among your target market. A business can target the right groups to get its message across to a vast audience. The recent introduction of Lists in Twitter provides further ways to specifically target particular interest groups. Specific groups and Lists allow a business to reach out to potential customers in a much more targeted manner. Businesses have successfully used Twitter to enhance their brand image. Smaller businesses can find it equally effective to promote and establish their brand.

Promoting products and services

A business also uses it for directly promoting products and services. It is free to use and have proved itself as a cost effective method to increase awareness about your products or services. Global computer manufacturer, Dell is a perfect example of a company that has managed to use it successfully to generate millions in sales per month by promoting its refurbished equipments. It is also useful for conducting market research and gauging customer response when new products are launched.

Drive Traffic to your website

Twitter can also be used to drive traffic to your website. Website or blog owners commonly use it to promote new content and articles published on their blog or website. Bloggers often use it to inform readers of any new posts on their blog. If you post quality information and build an active profile, your website will benefit from increased traffic as users who like your contribution will visit your website.

Social Networking

In addition to direct business benefit achieved by promoting your business or products on Twitter, it also offers an opportunity to interact and network with others who share a common interest. Twitter is useful for networking on a personal as well as professional level. On a personal level, it allows one to communicate with friends and family. On a professional level it allows colleagues to interact with each other or and a business to communicate with potential customers.

Source by K Singh