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Ten Keys to Success to Push Your Message on Twitter Can your organization effectively activate your stakeholders and other on Twitter? The simple answer...

Ten Keys to Success to Push Your Message on Twitter

Can your organization effectively activate your stakeholders and other on Twitter? The simple answer is yes. However, use of any social media tool, Facebook pages / causes, Twitter, MySpace needs to be a part of your overall communication and marketing strategy. And just like any fund raising outreach or cultivation, using these tools effectively is about forming or deepening relationships.

Keep in mind, you do not have to be the only one tweeting. Does your organization have experts who can provide interesting information? Some companies establish different Twitter accounts for different areas. But getting content out is important and remember it's a virtual conversation. Self promotion is not appreciated or followed for very long. Give tweeters something to think about or pass along. Tweeting once day is not going to work.

You can also be proactive to get followers. Twitter allows you to invite people to follow you. If you are going to set up different Twitter accounts you may want to segment your invitation list. Be sure all your accounts are accessible on your website, ping to your Facebook page and in general offer coordinated messages.

To be successful keep these ideas in mind:

1. Pick a campaign, theme, idea – urgency, focus, impact are required

2. Create a urgent message and schedule messages to push to media

3. Do you have a relationship with your key stakeholders already?

a. In real time

b. Electronically

c. Via snail mail

4. You should have good electronic communication already in place with your key stakeholders

5. Schedule your tweets throughout the day.

6. Be sure your points of presence on the web are working and updated regularly

a. Website

b. Facebook / MySpace page and groups

c. Twittering regularly already with followers

d. Collaborative partnerships on the web with corporate partners, donors, foundations

7. Pick the best person in your organization to lead the effort, but invite other tweeters too

8. Find a partner willing to support the tweets or match gifts from tweeters. If you ask tweeters to do something, retweet, forward, mention your campaign or organization, solicit a corporate partner to give you $ 1 for each one.

9. Be able to provide updates on the progress of your campaign – measure everything

10. Finish with a big (electronic) thank you

Remember to tweet effectively!

Barbara has been in the development field since 1983. Her experience includes corporate partnerships and special events, board development, grant writing, major gift solicitation and volunteer and staff development and training. Barbara teaches a variety of fund raising topics and has been a guest speaker at conferences in North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia.

Source by Barbara Talisman