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A really nice way to keep in touch with your friends is through Twitter, but how do you Twitter? This service is free and...

A really nice way to keep in touch with your friends is through Twitter, but how do you Twitter? This service is free and allows you to send really quick little comments or "tweets" so your friends and fans know that you're thinking about them.

Essentially, it is a microblogging site which allows only short posts of only up to 140 words which are sent through the Twitter website. Any updates are reflected on your profile page and in those of your friends and followers. You will be able to inform all your followers on what it is you are currently doing, where you are headed to, what is the best recipe for fried chicken, or just about anything at all. If you have a new product in your wonderful shop, you can let your followers know.

In Twitter, you develop a following. President Obama is one of the foremost Twitterers with upwards of one half of a million followers. Your invites must first be accepted for those people to become your followers on Twitter. This way you both follow each other and each one receives all the information that's given by the other.

So the question remains, how do you twitter? First of all, create your account on Twitter. Secondly you need to know the screen name of the person you want to Twitter. On Twitter's main page at the top you'll find the option "Find People." Click on it. Type in the person's name and the person should pop up complete with the screen name. Since a lot of people share the same name you'll have to figure out which is the actual person you're looking for. If you still can not find what you are looking for, it may be best to browse through the person's tweets and account for clues. Sometimes one person has several Twitter accounts.

Once you've found your person click on the follow button. Following a person alerts that person that you would like to follow him. You should receive an email that states that the other person needs to follow you also. Do not get discouraged if you do not get followed right away, maybe the person is just not twittering at the moment. At times, people may keep away from Twitter and not have any activity going on in their accounts for days or maybe even months. Once all this is accomplished you can send direct messages to each other through the service.

This free micro-blogging site is a nice and easy way to keep people that matter to you updated about what's going on in your life. It's easy and the limited number of words you can use makes it a more efficient way than regular email to send your followers information.

Worried that strangers would get to read your tweets? A Twitter profile is by default a public profile. If you are concerned that strangers can get a glimpse of your personal updates, 'protect your profile' to approve followers and to keep your tweets out of the Twitter search.

Twitter is a great way to send smiles to people you like. I hope this answers for you the question, how do you Twitter?

Source by Martin Sejas