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Even before the release of the iPhones, it was already making a huge noise. People were just expecting great things about it. Now just...

Even before the release of the iPhones, it was already making a huge noise. People were just expecting great things about it. Now just a few months after its launch you have perhaps started hearing and finding out about some iPhone extras.

Small Things That Mean So Much

A lot of concern has been heard about sending multimedia messages such as sending pictures and sending video clips. Perhaps you were one of those people who immediately missed this feature. Perhaps you were so used to the send picture feature of your previous cellular phone. You would have expected the same with the phone. After all this is a more advanced phone than your last one, right? Well, there is a way; it’s just that it is not labeled multimedia messaging. You can also send the pictures and video clips on the phone and you can do so through email.

If you have the picture you want to send now, use the send photo link. Then enter your friend’s number followed by his carrier’s email prefix. If you don’t know his carrier then simply ask him. Verizon’s email prefix is, AT&T/Cingular’s and then for T-Mobile. It’s for Sprint/Nextel, for Virgin Mobile, for Amp’d Mobile and for Alltel. So if your friend’s mobile number is 1234567890 and he’s connected with Sprint, send the picture to He doesn’t need to have an email enabled phone. As long as he can receive multimedia messages then he will be able to receive it.

Another thing is if you’ve got an iPhone, perhaps you also have an iPod. If you are wondering if your existing accessories can still be used when you get the phone, some are actually compatible. For one, you can use your earphones on the phone. However, even a better set comes with the phone.

While you can use your old ear buds for listening music, it doesn’t have a microphone to receive calls. You would have to change earphones when calls come in. That would be a hassle on your part. The earphones that come with your phone will enable you to listen to music and still have conversations when calls come in. If you are listening to music when someone calls, the music will be paused and you can get the call.

With the Bluetooth earphones, you wouldn’t have to be holding your phone when you are driving. Both of your hands will be free to drive and you will be able concentrate on the road. But to add more safety to driving, you can also get a Blueant Supertooth II Speakerphone. It’s a speakerphone so you will not be restricted to look at different directions when driving. It’s built with noise cancelling microphone so you will surely be heard clearly at the other end.

iPhone applications can help make your business more efficient. One is Just Add Money Express Tracker. Through this application you will see as another expense is disbursed. There would be easy monitoring on your part. And if you hook all key decision makers in your company, you will help them make better and sounder financial decisions. iPod extras really help.

Source by Willhelm Williams