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The question I keep hearing is “Why are people using hashtags on Facebook?! They don’t work. You can’t even click on them!’ I began...

The question I keep hearing is “Why are people using hashtags on Facebook?! They don’t work. You can’t even click on them!’

I began asking these same questions a few months ago after seeing them all over the place on Facebook. I had no idea what they were since I don’t use twitter. So I decided to do some research and find out what they are.

What Are Hashtags?

So, after hours of Googling, I got a pretty good grasp of what they are. Without being too technical, hashtags are a way to identify what your comment is about so that others can easily find it. By using hashtags, trending topics can be identified, which allows others to join in on the conversation. Pretty cool idea.

Now, hashtags on Twitter can be clicked, and once clicked, you are taken to a page that displays comments on that topic to everyone on twitter.

Ok, so to recap, hashtags do basically 3 things.

1. They allow you to find comments on your interest easily.

2. They help identify trending topics.

3. They are clickable allowing you to click and be taken directly to a page displaying all those tweets on that particular topic.

This is why hashtags don’t work on Facebook. You can’t search for comments on Facebook, there isn’t really a trending topics functionality in Facebook, and you can’t click on them. This is why they are useless and I can definitely understand peoples frustration.

But what if I told you that hashtags on Facebook can work? That you can use them and even discover trending topics by using them?

That’s right. Hashtags can work on Facebook using a simply little trick. You can make them clickable and discover trending topics. All the functionality is there for them to work. It’s just that no one is using them right now.

Now with hashtags on Facebook, you’ll be able to join in on emerging topics, conversation and news events that interest you!

So how do you create hashtags on Facebook? Simple.


Come up with a hashtag that you want to start using.


Create a fanpage for that hashtag. So if you want to create a hashtag called: (hashsymbolhere)failedpickuplines, use that name as the name of the fanpage.


Tag the page in your wall post. Once you tag the page, the at symbol will disappear and will leave a hyper linked hashtag after your comment!

Now that solves the problem of hashtags on Facebook not being clickable.

So, once you share the page with your friends and they like the page,they can use the hashtag too. Plus, Facebook will recommend this page to your friends. Now you have viral growth and a way to find trending topics!

Of course they are a few more steps to take to get your hashtag to grow viral but this is the jist of it. So what are you waiting for? Start creating you own hashtags on Facebook now!

Source by Kree Abuwi