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How do you use Facebook in a way that it's positive? How do you avoid the negative aspects of it in particular, when it...

How do you use Facebook in a way that it's positive? How do you avoid the negative aspects of it in particular, when it comes to productivity and helping your business succeed?

I was having dinner with my family not too long ago. While we were at the dinner table, my wife and I just started having discussion about Facebook. I was telling her about some of the things that my business is starting to do in Facebook and she was kind of showing her opinion about what she thought about Facebook and some of the silly things that go on. I mentioned the statistic that I saw recently that in the UK, Facebook is sited in 20% of divorce cases.

So, we were having this discussion back and forth. My little boy was paying attention to this. I did not think he was paying attention to it; I thought he was just eating. Out of the blue he asked, "Daddy is Facebook good for people?"

I just kind of turn to him and I was surprised. I guess the coach in me kicked in and I did not want to answer the question. So, I asked him a question. I painted a picture for him first. I said, "Stratton, some people find Facebook to be really helpful. You could go on Facebook and you can see your aunts, your uncles and your cousins. You can see the mom and dad. It's a way for us to share things with each other and to share videos with each other and pictures. It's a way for us to get connected. "

"But some people spend their whole day on Facebook. They do not do anything else but send little silly notes to each other, they do not have any meaning. They play games all day long. They do not get any work done because they are constantly going back and forth. and they are not focusing. " He knows about focus, we taught him a lot about that. ". What do you think Stratton, is Facebook good for people?"

He kind of thought long about that. He kind of scrunched up his face and considered. Then he looked at me and gave me a thumbs-up but with a question mark on his face. I said, "Well, I think you're right. I think it can be good for people. But it really depends on how you use it."

Facebook can be a powerful tool. It can aide in connection which is what I identified as one of the Six Invaluable factors. It can really help you connect with others both personally and professionally

Source by Dave Crenshaw