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If you find Facebook is slow on your computer it may not necessarily be Facebook that is the problem. It may be a problem...

If you find Facebook is slow on your computer it may not necessarily be Facebook that is the problem. It may be a problem on your computer that is causing this problem or your internet connection.
Here is what you can do to find the cause of this problem and to fix it quickly.

# 1 Check your internet connection. This is the first thing you should do, even if you have a fast line there could be a problem with it. To test your line run an online speed test. When you do this you are usually given a list of sites you can run the test from. Run it from a site nearest to you for the most accurate results. If your internet connection is not the problem there are more things you can change to fix this.

# 2 Remove any tool bars and add-ons you have on your browser. When you are on the internet and even on Facebook you get prompted by people and sites to install games and toolbars on your computer. The downside of this is they can slow your computer and your web browser right down. Some may be adware that is also responsible for a constant stream of pop ups and ads and others may be malicious and monitor what you are doing. Uninstall them unless you need them and check again to see if Facebook is running slow.

To uninstall them do the following.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Go to tools on the menu bar and then to manage add-ons.
3. Click on disable to stop any add-ons.

# 3 If you find Facebook is slow after doing this then the next thing to check is to see if there is any software hogging all your system resources and causing this. Once way to do this is to start task manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL KEYS together and then go to the performance tab. If you see your CPU usage constantly running high when you are not doing anything you need to close all the programs you have open besides internet explorer. If the CPU usage still remains high there is a strong possibility that there is malicious or unwanted software on your PC.

# 4 Run a system scanner and optimizer if you find Facebook is still slow. This will scan your computer for unwanted and malicious software and will also optimize all the programs and applications for the best performance. If you are frustrated with a slow computer carry out these steps to fix it right away.

Source by David S Marshall