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Providers of digital phone service nowadays are in fierce competition over other more robust communication platforms. The introduction of Windows Mobile SIP Phone has...

Providers of digital phone service nowadays are in fierce competition over other more robust communication platforms. The introduction of Windows Mobile SIP Phone has been nothing short of a miracle. Never before has a user been able to have every application and/or file available at the touch of their fingertips in a device small enough to fit in their pocket! Not only do these devices fit in your pocket, you can use them anywhere you are!

Digital phone service has done all but give service away for free. The original price of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services that were offered has dropped several times to allow the big phone and cable companies to stay in business. This was due to the explosive offer of the Windows Mobile SIP phone. This phone does everything but do your work for you. In fact, it helps you to be so proficient when using it for business that it will increase your productivity substantially! Can one say the same about digital phone service?

There are many benefits which conclude the better choice of the two – Windows Mobile SIP Phone; a few of these benefits are:

  • Mobile computing from anywhere with your mobile device
  • Typical Microsoft Office applications that can be used on the Windows Mobile SIP phone
  • All email capabilities on personal accounts (ie. yahoo, msn, aol, gmail, etc.) as well as corporate email accounts using systems like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • VOIP services that enable the user to call anywhere in the world for free
  • Capabilities such as: gaming, file sharing, photo editing, multimedia, video, and much more!
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Instant messaging
  • Custom setup and configuration for expert users who can write code
  • Ability to use an Internet Explorer browser or any other Windows compatible web browser

Does digital phone service have all of these capabilities and features? I think not. This is why ditching the digital phone service and going with a Windows Mobile SIP phone is your best bet. Basically, you get three times the amount of services and features for half the price!

Service for digital phone service is limited and unreliable. VOIP services used with Windows Mobile SIP phones are reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive. Digital phone service is also limited to voice communication only. There are no user interfaces, application running, or anything even close! Windows Mobile SIP phones are the ultimate portable PC!

The possibilities with Windows Mobile SIP Phone are endless. As the business world shifts to off-shoring and freelancing, more and more professionals need these mobile capabilities. Today, there are many people working from home. Even professionals that work out of brick and mortar offices have requirements to travel to other office locations. Not only do Windows Mobile SIP phone services help businessmen and women who travel, they are also very fun and useful for personal users. Everyone has seen the elimination and slow extinction of the land line phone. Windows Mobile SIP Phone will so cause the extinction of digital phone service! They just cannot compete with the unlimited capabilities and features of the Windows Mobile SIP phone!

Source by David Nalin


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