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Wireless VoIP combines VoIP with Internet wireless (802.11b and successors) networks. And its potential for businesses and individuals will see huge growth over the next few years and this article will explain what wireless VoIP could do for you. Two combinations of hardware and software make this work: laptops... Read more
<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Today, if you consider yourself as an internet savvy individual then you must have heard the term VoIP phone service which means your phone connects by way of broadband high... Read more
Back in the sixties, cable television was taking consumers by storm. It was one of the most prestigious luxuries afforded by any family. Comcast Internet Service started then and has continued to explore and develop cable and other telecommunications technology to the point where they are the number one... Read more
Customers throughout America are raving and ranting about the excellent VOIP services offered by Phone Power. Have you ever wondered what makes them the best VOIP providers in the market? The answer is quite simple. It’s their clear voice quality, facility to make free international calls and fantastic customer... Read more
Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it is commonly called, is a revolutionary technology that has created an upheaval of sorts in the domain of long distance communications. End users can now use their personal computers to talk to friends and relatives – who could be located in... Read more
Conference call is a very convenient and cost effective way for having a meeting at any time in any place. This is because you don’t need to waste time and money in traveling expenses and all the fees associated with it. In fact, you can have a conference call... Read more
The writing on the wall is clear for all to see that VOIP telephone services and IP telephony are emerging globally as the latest technology in communications. Many large companies are switching over to VOIP telephone systems to interact more regularly with international customers without the need to pay... Read more
E51 SIP VoIP mobile phone by Nokia is a classic executive cell phone with multitasking productivity and communication features that can speed up your business decisions and increase your client communication so everyone can get what they want, when they want it. The E51 SIP by Nokia has the... Read more
Many women look forward to the next issue of their favorite magazine. They cannot wait to read the latest celebrity gossip or find out how to host the perfect Christmas dinner. Canadians can find interesting articles on a variety of topics in the women to women magazines that are... Read more
The question of whether VoIP can provide the same level of audio quality as regular traditional phone lines is one that is raised by many people new to VoIP. Here we give you some idea of what to expect when relaying your audio calls over the internet and how... Read more