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To everyone in the five boroughs and beyond, mark your calendars: TechCrunch is set to take Manhattan like so many tech-obsessed Muppets. On April 6, the team will be launching our first TC Takes Manhattan event for an all-day techstravaganza, starting with the TC Include Interactive Pitch Practice at 5:30PM,... Read more
Parker Conrad’s last venture at Zenefits didn’t end so well with his departure as CEO and the company having to re-orient itself. But he’s once again starting a company that will figure out how to build an employee system of record and management, starting off with smoothing out the... Read more
Leveraging post-literate tools like YouTube and emojis to create a website and mobile app that allows people to review the books they’re reading while they’re reading them, Beek is a startup that embraces the amazing contradictions of the internet age. The Mexico City-based company, graduating from the most recent... Read more
Mesosphere is launching an updated version of its DC/OS platform for running microservices and big data applications in private and public clouds. Version 1.9 of DC/OS is a significantly bigger release than the version number indicates at first glance. With this update, DC/OS users can now deploy over 100 services... Read more
Capturing kids’ attention can be expensive. Roblox has spent the greater part of the millennium creating a cool place for kids to play a diverse collection of games inside a single cross-platform world for its huge audience of tens of millions of monthly active youngsters. The company announced Tuesday that it... Read more
Silverfin, a startup out of Ghent, Belgium (of all places) that offers a ‘connected accounting platform’ to help businesses stay on top of their financial data, has picked up $4.5 million in Series A funding. Index Ventures led the round, with participation from existing investors, while the cash injection... Read more
Optionspace, a new Berlin-based startup, sees its official launch today with a service that is something akin to an ‘Airbnb for office space’. Specifically, prospective tenants — which, of course, includes startups — are able to rent furnished and unfurnished office space via the online service for short durations,... Read more
New York City has slapped Verizon with a lawsuit that claims the telecommunications conglomerate broke a 2008 contract to provide citywide fiber coverage, depriving residents of competitively priced options for better television and Internet service. In a statement, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “Verizon must face the... Read more
It looks like Snap’s (at least perceived) successful IPO has officially opened the window: Following Yext officially filing for an IPO this afternoon, identity management software company Okta just dropped its official filing for an IPO. After much hand-wringing about whether or not 2017 would avoid last year’s fate... Read more
A new study from Arcadis, HR&A Advisors and Sam Schwartz Consulting offers advice for city planners who are contemplating a future that includes autonomous vehicles, or AVs, as the nerds call them. McKinsey (who was not part of this particular study) says that by 2030, autonomous vehicles will account... Read more