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To take professional pictures, we choose the professional photographing equipment. However, most of them are heavy so that they are inconvenient to carry when you go out. In this article, I will tell you something about a portable product BlitzWolf BW-LS1 which can help you take excellent pictures. It... Read more
Smartphones are essential in today's world as they add up to the digital lifestyle of a consumer. For this very reason, it is essential to keep it up and running. However often due to weather extremes and sudden drop in temperature, your Smartphone may give you troubles. No matter... Read more
Wireless Application Protocol, commonly known by the acronym WAP, is a free worldwide standard allowing mobile devices like smartphones, iPhones and laptops to acquire an internet connection while becoming compatible with large network bearers. The ability to authorize transactions allows WAP to supersede the recent implementation of mobile banking... Read more
AT the beginning of the 21st century, too much personal and vulnerable data is available in a digital form on our PCs. Music, videos, pictures, personal documents, private and business mail contacts – everything is stored on hard disks and other media. Since the storage capacity has increased dramatically... Read more
Binkw32.dll is used to help games such as “Splinter Cell Chaos Theory” to load up the advanced graphics & video files they require to run. As part of the “Bink Video Codec”, the binkw32.dll file is an extremely important part of many popular games and needs to be running... Read more
It does not take a proverbial rocket scientist to figure out basic goals of information security. In fact, the major goal is in the name itself: securing information. The twin sister field called information assurance, also has the main goal in its title. But if you've been reading these... Read more
Fads are meant to fade. Trends make entry to exit. Being concerned with the similar fashion, it becomes gruesome to follow the hierarchy of elements that binds a rudimentary design. Since 2017 is on the tip, and web design industry is also ready with the key changes and updates... Read more
Have you ever encountered a situation where your hard drive suddenly crashed and you’ve lost all important files and data? This is a fairly common occurrence and happens due to overheating of the disk, improper system shut down, manual deletion of data and many others. Did you know that... Read more
The Samsung Omnia i8910 HD is the latest 3G phone from Samsung, which will be released by the second quarter of 2009. It is a touch screen phone with an incredible 3.7 inch display, with a resolution of 360 pixels by 640 pixels. This is very easy to carry,... Read more
The Rift is the next generation breaking MMO game that has the potential to overtake World of Warcraft (WoW for short) and change the standard for the MMO gaming world. But I am going to state right now that in no way am I going to mark the score... Read more